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6-A, 4-th 8 Marta St., Moscow
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Series replacement diesel generators SDMO EXEL on KD Series


The company SDMO Industries has officially announced the decision to replace the EXCEL range of diesel generators with MTU engines, for a new line KD Series engines KOHLER (production in France and Switzerland)
The new line is a generator set with a high level of efficiency (power density, shock, fuel efficiency, compliance with the requirements according to emissions of hazardous substances, high resistance to environmental conditions)

Moreover, these settings are valid extended warranty:

- 3 years or 1,000 hours when using as a backup source of electricity;
- 2 years or 8700 hours as the primary source of electricity.

This line allows us to offer more interesting solutions as a primary or backup source of energy in all application areas: data centers, healthcare, water treatment, oil and gas, Telecom, mining and many other areas.

Teambuilding ENGROSS


Teambuilding ENGROSS

16 Sep 2016 20 km from MKAD along the Dmitrovskoe highway, in the former hunting grounds belonging once to the princes Golitsin, Orlov, Panin, close to the famous estate of Marfino, friendly staff, the company ENGROSS plunged into the world of adventures and tests in the style of the famous show "Fort Boyard".

Team building in nature - one of the most popular and efficient models of corporate travelers, many companies, which apart from the unity with nature, to form informal relationships within the team and mechanisms to enhance confidence in each other. The company ENGROSS, in this respect, is no exception.

Divided into teams, the participants, after the ritual of unity, had to perform the proposed tasks, where savvy, ability to show your hidden abilities and talents, mutual aid was the key to the victory.
The teams had to go through three stages: to extract the keys in the "Test," to fight with the Masters in the "shadow Council" to collect tips in the "Adventure". And in the final it was necessary to guess the key word.
Each of the players got a great chance to know better about the abilities of colleagues, learn to work in team and clearly assign roles for completing tasks.

In the evening in a close circle of colleagues for a festive dinner and disco was great, not hiding emotions, to discuss the results and events of the day.

The Federal Tax Service opened a Federal and redundant data Centers


The Federal Tax Service opened a Federal and redundant data Centers

The Federal Tax Service opened a Federal and redundant data Centers
To enhance and accelerate clientalert the Federal tax service was commissioned two data center: Federal data center in Dubna (Moscow region) and backup data center in the city of Gorodets (Nizhny Novgorod region). Data centers enable the consolidation of data on taxpayers and forming personal history of each of nalogoplatelshiki.

Uninterruptible power supply systems constructed on the basis of 5-minute high-voltage (6kV and 10kV) diesel generator power plants (DGS) SDMO EXEL X 2500, power of 2.5 MW each. The company "ENGROSS Ltd." completed the delivery of equipment SDMO in Russia.

"ENGROSS Ltd" received the status of Sales Associate DCIM Trellis


"ENGROSS Ltd" received the status of Sales Associate DCIM Trellis

"ENGROSS Ltd" has received the status of ATD on data center design at the international Institute Uptime Institute.

An employee of the company "ENGROSS" held a special study in Univercity DCIM systems DCIM Trellis in composition courses Trellis Overview Trellis Asset Management, 217: Selling the Avocent Universal Management Gateway, the Trellis and Trellis Monitoring ROI and received the status of a Sales Associate. The presence of specialists with the status of a Sales Associate additional evidence of competence "ENGROSS Ltd." in the implementation of management systems engineering data center infrastructure.

ENGROSS is an engineering company
which implements integrated
projects on development, installation and maintenance of power supply and air-conditioning systems.

  • Design


    Combination of traditions of the old Russian design school characterized by thorough examination of all details as well as high degree of standardization, and the newest standards and technologies, used in the design of data centres, intelligent buildings and industrial facilities throughout the world, is the unique feature of our approach.
  • Supply of Equipment

    Supply of Equipment

    Irrespective of the type of an engineering system, ENGROSS is always focused on the best technical developments achieved by the foreign and Russian equipment manufacturers. We keep analyzing the market to offer our customers the high-quality equipment and materials. Reliability, quality and necessary functionality at optimal prices are the main criteria for the selection of equipment.
  • Installation and Commissioning

    Installation and Commissioning

    All installation and commissioning activities are performed by certified service and installation engineers, highly experienced within their work field, in compliance with all Russian standards and rules as well as with customer’s demands.
  • Engineering Infrastructure for Data Centres

    Engineering Infrastructure for Data Centres

    ENGROSS can serve as a primary contractor for the construction of an engineering system for a data centre, organize the effective work of subcontractors, ensure development and adherence to the work schedule, quality control and reporting back to the customer.
  • Turnkey Power Supply Systems

    Turnkey Power Supply Systems

    Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of power supply systems are the core strengths of ENGROSS.
  • Service & Maintenance

    Service & Maintenance

    ENGROSS has the technical expertise to support and maintain 0.4 kV power supply systems, UPS, industrial storage batteries, diesel power stations, precision and industrial air-conditioners.

ENGROSS specializes in providing the full complex of services for creation of power supply and air-conditioning systems for data centers and large administrative and industrial facilities.

ENGROSS has operated in the Russian IT market since 2006. Our main goal is to meet customer’s demands for high quality at each stage of implementation of an engineering system — from design to commissioning and maintenance. We reach compliance with these requirements by giving special importance to the employment procedure, through advanced training programs and strict quality control. Owing to the effective policy in the field of quality, ENGROSS has acquired a good professional reputation, confirmed by high partnership statuses, assumed by the leading global vendors, and increasing volume of orders from the large international companies and Russian holdings.

Confidence in partner is the key point in building the long-term relationships between the customer and the contractor. When creating cutting-edge and highly reliable engineering systems, providing the highest quality of work and completing performance of taken responsibilities, we make every effort to respond to customers' expectations and maximize their satisfaction. Long-lasting cooperation is the best indication of our success.

We are proud that the most of our customers are willing to continue cooperation with us on their new projects.

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